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Scott Henrich and Yvonne Watterson from Antrim to Arizona (then on down Mexico way)

‘Music – A Bridge Over Troubled Waters’ featuring Scott Henrich and Yvonne Watterson live from Mexico via Zoom. Music is a universal language that transcends all barriers. It is an unassailable platform where Truth and Love are safe. During our darkest days, it gave us leave to clap our hands and to dance together. Music is ‘A Bridge Over Troubled Waters’. Truth and Reconciliation Platform, or TaRP as it’s commonly called, invited artists from all over the world to dedicate a song, or a piece of music, to victims of the conflict on the island of Ireland, frequently referred to as ‘The Troubles’ or to an event or a memory that, for them, holds a particular poignancy. What follows, is a response to that invitation from the Irish writer and singer, Yvonne Watterson, and the American singer-songwriter Scott Henrich. The song ‘Dying For Your Love’ was written by Scott Henrich. ©Scott Henrich Music

‘Music – A Bridge Over Troubled Waters’ is a Truth and Reconciliation Platform educational project, hosted by The Miami Showband Peace Centre Online.