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Ariana Grande Manchester Arena and Westminster Bridge Terrorist Attacks and ‘The Troubles’

Travis Frain, who was injured in a terrorist attack on London’s Westminster Bridge on March 22nd 2017 and Figen Murray whose son, Martin, was murdered at Manchester Arena following an Ariana Grande concert on May 22nd 2017, talk to Joe Campbell whose father, RUC Sergeant, Joseph Campbell, was murdered in 1977 during the so-called ‘Troubles’ in Ireland and discover surprising parallels in their shared experiences.

This event is chaired by Truth and Reconciliation Platform Ambassador to The UK, Joe Campbell. The Chairman and co-founder of Truth and Reconciliation Platform, Stephen Travers, joins us from the TaRP studios in Cork City and the executive producer and co-founder of TaRP, Eugene Reavey, joins us from TaRP HQ in Whitecross, County Armagh.

‘Speaking for Myself’ is a Truth and Reconciliation Platform educational project hosted by The Miami Showband Peace Centre Online and the SfM series is assisted by Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.