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Columba McVeigh was buried in a secret grave… Stan Carberry’s father was shot by the British army

Continuing our ‘Speaking for Myself’ series, our Witnesses are Oliver McVeigh whose brother, Columba McVeigh, was ‘disappeared’ by The IRA in 1975 and Stan Carberry, whose father, a member of The IRA, was shot dead by the British army in 1972. Our Panelists are Paul Finnegan, a community leader in New York and a recent recipient of The Sean O’Neill Award from The Irish Business Organisation of New York and Mark Kernan, Lecturer in Human Rights at University College Cork. Denise Johnston was our researcher for this program.

This event is chaired by The Miami Showband Massacre survivor, Stephen Travers, who is also Chairman and co-founder of Truth and Reconciliation Platform. Our executive producer and a co-founder of TaRP, Eugene Reavey, joins us from Whitecross in County Armagh and the U.K. Truth and Reconciliation Platform Ambassador, Joe Campbell, joins us from London.

‘Speaking for Myself’ is a Truth and Reconciliation Platform educational project, hosted by The Miami Showband Peace Centre Online. The “Speaking for Myself” series is assisted by Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and by consultant and coach, Tracy Dempsey.

Thanks to Oliver McVeigh, Stan Carberry, Paul Finnegan and Mark Kernan. As always, thanks to my Truth and Reconciliation Colleagues, Eugene Reavey and Joe Campbell. Thanks also to Denise Johnstone for researching this event. Special thanks to The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and to Tracy Dempsey for their continuing support.