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Friendship, Music and Loss – The murders of Tony Geraghty and Wesley Black

“Speaking for Myself” is a Truth and Reconciliation Platform (TaRP) educational series broadcast from The Miami Showband Peace Centre Online. The Witnesses at this event are Danny O’Keeffe whose best friend, Tony Geraghty, was murdered at The Miami Showband Massacre on July 31st, 1975, and George Jones whose friend and band-mate, Wesley Black, a former keyboard player with Van Morrison, was murdered in Belfast on February 27th, 1975.

This event’s Panellists are the authors and broadcasters Fr. Brian D’Arcy and Stuart Bailie with special contributions from Carl Geraghty, Turlough McConnell, Paul Finnegan and Roy Kane.

The event is chaired by Miami Showband Massacre survivor, Stephen Travers, who is also Chairman and co-founder of Truth and Reconciliation Platform, and the series executive producer is Eugene Reavey, treasurer and co-founder of Truth and Reconciliation Platform.

“Speaking for Myself” is assisted by The Irish Department of Foreign Affairs.