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‘Every so often, I meet young people in Belfast and their regret is that they’ve missed the war’

Continuing our ‘Speaking for Myself’ series, our Witnesses are Bernie McKearney, who lost her father, mother and husband to ‘The Troubles’, and Victor Montgomery, who lost his two brothers to the same conflict.

Our Panelists are Rev. Chris Hudson, Minister of All Souls Presbyterian Church in Belfast, who acted as a conduit between the Irish government and Loyalist paramilitaries leading up to their ceasefire in 1994, and Terry Saunders, who, in 2002, as part of Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs team, began a three-year assignment in the newly formed North South Ministerial Council in Armagh, and a further three years from 2014 until 2017, when he retired.

This event is chaired by The Miami Showband Massacre survivor, Stephen Travers, who is also Chairman and co-founder of Truth and Reconciliation Platform. Our executive producer and a co-founder of TaRP, Eugene Reavey, joins us from Whitecross in County Armagh.

‘Speaking for Myself’ is a Truth and Reconciliation Platform educational project, hosted by The Miami Showband Peace Centre Online. The “Speaking for Myself” series is assisted by Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and by consultant and coach, Tracy Dempsey.