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A Truth and Reconciliation Platform Project

The reported meeting on legacy issues at Lambeth Palace, the Archbishop of Canterbury’s official residence in London, between governments, intelligence agencies and representatives of paramilitary organisations in October 2020, resulted in a predictable outcry from victims and survivors of the so-called ‘Troubles’. In the main, the discontent appeared to be due to the exclusion of victims’ and survivors’ representatives rather than to the inclusion of others, but, either way, the absence of an effective, coordinated victims’ and survivors’ response to that event, or indeed to many other ‘legacy issues’ discussions, was not surprising, since there are differing views and perspectives present even among those who share the all-too-common scars of victimhood. 

With common purpose and determination, victims are capable of remarkable achievements; as witnessed recently in the heroic efforts of a group of intrepid victims from the WAVE Trauma organisation who succeeded in securing a ‘victims’ pension’ but it would take a brave person or organisation to claim to speak for or on behalf of all the victims and survivors of the so-called ‘Troubles’.

Truth and Reconciliation Platform (TaRP), was founded in 2016 by victims and survivors to enable victims and survivors to ‘speak for themselves’ and, continuing with that model, TaRP is currently in the process of establishing Victims of The Troubles Assembly (VOTTA) based on a Citizens Assembly. One hundred cross-community members (Chair + 99) will discuss and debate victims’ and survivors’ issues, respond to government proposals and relay the precise level of consensus within VOTTA to governments, to the national and international media and to other relevant bodies as well as to the general public.

TaRP does not ‘speak for’ victims or survivors; as its name indicates, it simply provides a platform, which, in this case, will be the assembly. Regardless of the degree of divergence on any issue, the resulting ballot will be faithfully recorded and published.

VOTTA aims to ensure that Victims and Survivors will never be sidelined or ignored on legacy issues again. Please support Victims of The Troubles Assembly by donating here, via debit cardcredit card or PayPal: