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Image of a chair with cameras pointed at it, with the text 'Preserving the Past to Protect the Future. "History must not be rewritten or distorted, nor should the true testimony of those who lived it be redacted, for truth is the DNA of civilisation."



Since its foundation in 2016, Truth and Reconciliation Platform, or TaRP as it’s commonly called, has provided a platform for victims of the so-called “Troubles” to speak about their personal experiences, to warn the world of the real consequences of using or accepting violence as a means to bring about change.

Any one of the many atrocities committed during those dark times can be held up in isolation and used as a stick to beat one “side” or another. But recent history shows that no one side has a monopoly on suffering or loss.

TaRP has attracted and influenced a growing global audience, helped by a recent Netflix documentary about the false flag operation which targeted The Miami Showband. Since 2016, the stories and testimonies of TaRP witnesses have reached hundreds of millions of people all over the world.

You can hear these stories on our new online peace centre, which we are proud to name in memory of a young band that paid the ultimate price for our happiness.

“Even in our darkest hour, music was
the magic that brought us together.
And the magicians were called Showbands.”

Photo of a studio set-up showing a single black chair on a green-screen stage, with studio lights above and a camera pointed at the chair.


Initial TaRP events attracted live audiences of 100 to 200 people. The intention was to build towards filling larger venues across the island of Ireland and beyond, presenting testimony and discourse from a broad spectrum of witnesses and panelists. However, thanks to the power of online media, Truth and Reconciliation Platform has delivered its message of reconciliation to hundreds of millions of people all over the world, through first-hand testimonies of real victims of terrorism. TaRP now attracts and influences a global audience which continues to grow exponentially.

The TaRP online Schools and Communities Counter-Radicalisation Programme presents the reality of violence to those who have never lived through conflict, while reminding those who have of the danger of returning to it.

You can watch past TaRP events at our Online Peace Centre – subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified as new event recordings are published.

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Photo of Stephen Travers in profile
Stephen Travers
TaRP Chairman


It is more than forty years since a terrorist attack, universally known as The Miami Showband Massacre, irrevocably changed my life. Since then, I have visited troubled parts of the world and spoken at international conferences on the needs and concerns of victims of terrorism.  

Having addressed radicalisation awareness conventions and organisations across Europe that study the cause, effect and prevention of terrorism, I am convinced, now more than ever, that there is not a more efficient deterrent to violence, a more effective antidote to radicalisation or a more valuable instrument of reconciliation than the testimony of the victim.

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